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15 Wyoming Drug Detox Centers

Wyoming Drug Detox CentersDespite having one of the smallest populations in the United States, Wyoming has a big prescription drug problem. The state ranks 15th in the number of residents suffering fatal drug overdoses, many of which are caused by prescription drugs. In Wyoming, 4.1 per 100,000 individuals die each year from drug overdose, a rate that has tripled since 1999. Residents struggle the most with benzodiazepines (e.g., Xanax and Valium), prescription painkillers (e.g., morphine, oxycodone), and sedatives (e.g., Ambien).

Wyoming Measures to Combat Prescription Drug Abuse

Wyoming has a significant prescription drug problems, yet the state scored just four out of 10 on a report card assessing promising legal measures to combat drug abuse. The state has a prescription drug monitoring program designed to help public health officials track troubling patterns in prescription use; however, prescribers may opt out of using the program, limiting its effectiveness. Wyoming also allows pharmacies to check IDs before dispensing controlled medications, a measure designed to curb the number of people using fraudulent names to get prescriptions. The state also has a “lock-in” program, meaning that Medicaid recipients suspected of prescription drug abuse must limit themselves to a single prescribing physician and a single pharmacist.

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Importance of Seeking Professional Drug Treatment

Although many people struggling with addiction believe that they can kick the habit on their own, research suggests that outcomes are better for those who enter drug detox centers. At a detox facility, you will be helped by a team of physicians, psychologists, social workers, and other professionals with years of experience treating prescription drug abuse issues. Getting this attention in a medical environment is key to getting past the difficult detoxification stage of recovery. Physicians can prescribe medications to alleviate the worst withdrawal symptoms, while mental health professionals help you find strategies to reduce your cravings for the drug.

Veteran Affairs Medical Center, Sheridan

Military veterans are at increased risk for prescription drug abuse and addiction, making it important for them to receive proper assessment and treatment. The VA Medical System in Sheridan treats men and women struggling to control their prescription drug use. The center is also equipped to treat so-called “dual diagnosis” cases, meaning that a person suffers from another mental health problem (often depression or an anxiety disorder) in addition to addiction.

Peak Wellness Center Transitions, Cheyenne

People struggling to control their drug use vary in the intensity of treatment they need. Some prefer an intensive, long-term residential treatment program, while others benefit from a short-term approach. Peak Wellness Center Transitions in Cheyenne offers a range of treatment options to ensure that you find one that best fits you. In addition to accepting self-payment and many insurance options, the center offers a sliding fee scale based on income, allowing low-income individuals to afford high-quality treatment.

Wyoming residents are well-known for their spirit of individualism, but this do-it-yourself attitude can be damaging when it comes to treatment for prescription drug abuse. Surrounding yourself in a medical environment with caring professionals increases the likelihood of making a long-lasting recovery. To find the best prescription drug detox options for you, contact us today for individualized recommendations.

o find the best prescription drug detox options for you, contact us today for individualized recommendations.

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