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18 Vermont Drug Detox Centers

Vermont Drug Detox CentersVermont is famous for its maple syrup and its glorious cacophony of colors that arrive each year in the Autumn months. It’s a beautiful state, but its residents and lawmakers are battling an ugly problem: prescription drug abuse and overdose fatalities. While Vermont has a lower occurrence of drug overdose fatalities compared to the rest of the country, the fatality rate has doubled since 1999. Currently, 9.7 of every 100,000 drug overdose incidents results in death in Vermont, making it the 10th lowest rate in the country. However, in 1999, the rate was just 4.7 deaths for every 100,000 drug overdose incidents. The rise in deaths is largely attributed to an increase in prescription drug abuse.

Despite having one of the lowest rates in the country, Vermont has a significant amount of legislation pending to help prevent prescription drug abuse and drug-related fatalities. This may be one of the reasons why the drug overdose fatality rate is so low in the state. Some of the pending legislation addresses issues such as testing for substance abuse among those who receive public assistance and allowing law enforcement officials to access pharmaceutical records without requiring a warrant.

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Vermont Patients Can Get the Treatment They Need at Drug Detox Centers

When a person is battling substance abuse and addiction, they often cannot overcome their addiction on their own. People in Vermont who are looking to live a sober life should enlist the help of a drug detox center. These facilities help people go through the withdrawal process, which can be both physically painful and mentally challenging. After a patient goes through withdrawal, the drug detox center uses its counselors and resources to help the former addict move toward a permanently sober life. This is the best way for patients to be truly successful and overcome addiction.

Those battling addiction in Vermont will find a variety of drug detox centers available for their needs. There are four drug detox treatment centers in Brattleboro, including the Habit Opco Brattleboro center. This facility treats both male and female patients, and also offers outpatient services as well as inpatient hospital treatment. There are three drug detox centers in Burlington. One facility in Burlington is the Lund Family Center, which provides treatment for female patients, including pregnant or postpartum women. There are residential beds available for the patients’ children. Outpatient, residential long-term treatment and inpatient hospital treatment is offered at this unique drug detox center facility.

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