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Tennessee Drug Detox CentersTennessee is the home to country music and is known for its southern charm and hospitality. However, like much of the rest of the country, state officials and citizens alike are battling the impact of prescription drug abuse in the state. Tennessee ranks eighth in the country when it comes to drug overdose fatalities, with every 16.9 drug overdose incidents out of 100,000 resulting in death. This rate has more than doubled since 1999, when the rate was 6.1 fatalities out of every 100,000 drug overdose incidents. Many of the drug overdose fatalities were a result of prescription drug abuse.

While no new laws have been implemented yet, state legislators in Tennessee are working toward making changes in order to combat the rise of prescription drug abuse in the state. There are four bills pending between the state House and Senate, all of which deal with managing prescription drug abuse. House Bill 1264 aims to better manage pain clinics as well as create new protocol for prescribing certain controlled substances that may be easy to abuse. Senate Bill 2221/House Bill 482 requires physicians to check a controlled substance database when a patient experiences a drug overdose. There are several other pending pieces of legislation regarding prescription drug abuse at this time as well.

Tennessee Drug Detox Treatment is Available

Patients who are battling addiction and do not want to become another statistic must take the first difficult step of entering a drug detox treatment center. These facilities are designed to help patients endure the withdrawal process, which can be painful and frustrating. After the patient has successfully completed the withdrawal process, the drug detox center offers the patient support and guidance as they work toward a sober life.

There are many different drug detox centers in Tennessee, each one designed to fit the needs of specific types of patients. For instance, there are 13 different facilities in Memphis. Harbor House Inc. is a residential treatment center designed for men. This dual diagnosis facility helps people overcome both addiction and mental health disorders. It offers residential short-term care as well as long-term care. Patients also can take advantage of aftercare treatment facilities that are available through this center. There are 7 drug detox centers in Nashville, one of which is the Cumberland Heights Alcohol and Drug Treatment center. This facility offers addiction services for teens, men and women. It provides outpatient treatment as well as short-term and long-term residential treatment.

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