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101 North Carolina Drug Detox Centers

North Carolina Drug Detox CentersNorth Carolina has the 30th highest drug overdose mortality rate in the United States. The number of drug overdose deaths, the majority of which are due to prescription drug abuse, have doubled since 1999, according to the Trust for America’s Health. Prescription drug abuse is a serious problem affecting millions of Americans. Fifty Americans die every day from prescription drug overdoses, and more than 6 million suffer from prescription abuse disorders, according to a new report, Prescription Drug Abuse: Strategies to Stop the Epidemic.

North Carolina is taking many important steps to curb prescription drug abuse, including a mandatory Prescription Drug Monitoring Program. The state also passed tough laws to crack down on “doctor shopping” and prohibit patients from withholding information about prior prescriptions from their healthcare provider. Additionally, healthcare providers must physically examine patients or have a bona fide patient-physician relationship before prescribing a controlled substance. North Carolina’s “Good Samaritan Laws” provide a degree of immunity or mitigation of sentencing for individuals seeking to help themselves or others who are experiencing an overdose. The state’s rescue drug laws also expand access naloxone, a prescription drug that can counteract an overdose. North Carolina also permits a pharmacist to require an ID prior to dispensing a controlled substance. Finally, North Carolina’s Lock-in Program, which operates under the state’s Medicaid plan, forces individuals who are suspected of misusing controlled substances to use a single prescriber and pharmacy.

Drug Detox is Essential First Step Towards Sobriety

Drug detox is an important first step for long-term sobriety. Medically-supervised detox is essential to helping individuals safely discontinue drug use by managing withdrawal symptoms. Both physical and emotional withdrawal symptoms can be extremely difficult to manage without the assistance of qualified professionals. Common physical withdrawal symptoms range from nausea, vomiting and diarrhea to tremors, seizures and heart palpitations. Emotional symptoms can be equally intense; they include depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts. The right drug treatment program can help you or a loved one safely manage these withdrawal symptoms during the detox process.

Here in North Carolina, there are more than 90 drug detox programs that can help you or your loved one begin the drug treatment process. These programs offer a variety of specialized treatments and care. The UNA Psychological and Psychotherapy Association in Greensboro, for example, provides court-ordered alcohol treatment for DUI/DWI offenders, outpatient treatment and hospital inpatient treatment. Cottage Healthcare Services Inc. in Raleigh provides adolescent (teen) addiction treatment, dual diagnosis treatment for individuals with co-occurring mental and substance abuse disorders, addiction treatment for individuals with HIVA/AIDS, addiction treatment for gays and lesbians, addiction treatment for men, addiction treatment for women, inpatient partial hospitalization/day treatment, hospital inpatient care, and outpatient care. Helps You Find the Right Drug Detox Center

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