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405 New York Drug Detox Centers

New York Drug Detox CentersWhile New York may have the sixth lowest drug overdose mortality rate in the United States, the rate of drug overdose fatalities has still increased by 56% in the last decade. This increase is due primarily to the increased abuse of prescription drugs. The misuse and abuse of prescription drugs can have fatal consequences; in fact, nationwide, prescription drugs abuse causes more drug overdose deaths than heroin and cocaine combined.

New York is taking many important steps to curb the increase in prescription drug abuse. New York now requires all prescribers to utilize the state’s Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP). The state is also working to crack down on doctor shopping; patients are prohibited from withholding information about prior prescriptions from their healthcare provider. Additionally, the state’s physical exam requirement requires healthcare providers to have a bona fide patient-physician relationship before prescribing a controlled substance. New York also permits a pharmacist to require an ID prior to dispensing a controlled substance. New York’s “Good Samaritan” law provides a degree of immunity or mitigation of sentencing for individuals seeking to help themselves or others experiencing a drug overdose. New York participated in Medicaid Expansion, which helps expand coverage of substance abuse services and treatment. The state’s lock-in program also requires individuals who are on Medicaid and suspected of misusing controlled substances to use a single prescriber and pharmacy.

Medical Drug Detox is First Step to Sobriety

If you or a loved one is struggling with substance abuse, medical drug detox is an important first step for long-term sobriety. Managing withdrawal symptoms on your own is a difficult process that increases the likelihood for relapse. Worse, because some withdrawal symptoms can be life threatening, attempting to manage these symptoms yourself — or going cold turkey — can jeopardize your life. A medical detox team is trained to help individuals safely detox from prescription drugs and take the first step towards long-term sobriety.

With more than 400 drug detox treatment centers in New York, there is treatment center near you. In Brooklyn, for example, there are more than 40 drug detox centers offering specialized services. The BGR Services CD OP DBA The PAC Program of Brooklyn offers dual diagnosis treatment for individuals with co-occurring mental and substance abuse disorders, addiction treatment for gays and lesbians, addiction treatment for seniors/older adults, court ordered addiction treatment, outpatient treatment and hospital inpatient treatment. Upstate, the Erie County Medical Center Corporation Downtown Clinic has specialized treatment for adolescents, women and Spanish speakers and the hearing impaired. Will Help You Find the Right Drug Detox Center Today

Contact today and take the first steps towards long-term sobriety.Given the number of New York drug detox centers, selecting the right center for an individual’s specific treatment needs is not always easy. However, finding the right drug detox center can make a big difference for treatment success. The caring counselors at are here to help. This experienced team can assist you in finding the right treatment center. Contact today and take the first steps towards long-term sobriety.

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