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23 Mississippi Drug Detox Centers

Mississippi Drug Detox CentersThe use of prescription drugs continues to grow nationally, with the White House naming prescription drug abuse one of the leading public health problems facing the country. In Mississippi, 11.4 per 100,000 people die from drug overdose, a rate that has tripled since 1999. This growing problem has led to concern about treatment access and monitoring of prescription drug use among Mississippi residents. Commonly abused drugs include benzodiazepines (e.g., Xanax or Valium), sedatives (e.g., Ambien or Lunesta), and opioids (e.g., morphine or oxycodone).

Measures Taken to Combat Prescription Drug Abuse

Over the past few years, Mississippi lawmakers have made combating prescription drug abuse a priority. So-called “doctor shopping laws” make it illegal for patients to lie to medical providers about their existing prescriptions, preventing people from hopping from doctor to doctor for new prescriptions. Furthermore, physicians must undergo continuing education about the dangers and signs of prescription drug abuse to identify those who may need help. Mississippi also has a “lock-in program,” in which Medicaid patients suspected of abusing prescription drugs must see a single prescribing physician and use a single pharmacy to prevent drug abuse.

Benefits of Professional Treatment for Prescription Drug Abuse

The first stage in the drug abuse treatment process is detoxification. Taking prescription medications alters the way your brain functions. Over time, certain brain circuits become rewired to crave the drug and require it to function normally. This is what causes the unpleasant symptoms that come with cutting back on the drug. When you undergo detoxification, your brain is deprived of the substance it needs. As a result, you may feel irritable, get anxiety attacks, suffer sleep problems, lose your appetite, or experience gastrointestinal distress.

These withdrawal symptoms are very unpleasant and can actually be dangerous for people with certain medical needs. Undergoing withdrawal in a detox center allows you to cope with symptoms in a supportive environment with medical professionals available to monitor your progress.

Mississippi Drug Detox Centers

Alliance Health Center, Meridian

For many people struggling to control their prescription drug use, drug abuse is just one of the problems they face. Co-occurrence of mental health problems such as anxiety or depression is very high among prescription drug users. Alliance Health Center is equipped to deal with these dual diagnosis cases, helping individuals get treatment for their drug abuse while treating other mental health problems.

Marian Hill Chemical Dependency Center, Vicksburg

In addition to treating adults with prescription drug problems, Marian Hill Chemical Dependency Center has specialists who treat addiction in teens. Addressing the unique needs of younger people helps them maintain a long, sober recovery.

 contact us today for compassionate advice and a review of your options.When dealing with prescription drug abuse, you may feel alone and as though you are the only one struggling with this problem. Entering a professional treatment center not only exposes you to other people working through prescription drug abuse issues but provides concrete strategies to facilitate recovery. For more information about the treatment center best for you, contact us today for compassionate advice and a review of your options.

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