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20 Idaho Drug Detox Centers

20 Idaho Drug Detox CentersPrescription medications can transform the lives of medical patients and those suffering from chronic pain, but their addictive properties can make them dangerous. Abuse of prescription medications is growing across the United States, with use of opioids (such as oxycodone or codeine), stimulants (e.g., Adderall or Ritalin), and central nervous system depressants (e.g., benzodiazepines, barbiturates, or sleep aids such as Ambien) the primary culprits. Idaho has a particularly high prescription drug abuse problem with 11.8 out of 100,000 residents dying from drug overdose. This overdose rate has more than doubled since 1999.

Steps Taken By Idaho Legislatures to Curb Prescription Drug Abuse

Idaho has several laws in place to curb the abuse of prescription medications. For example, the state’s “doctor shopping” law prohibits residents from lying to a medical professional about prescription drug use or visiting multiple doctors to get the same prescription. Furthermore, a “lock in” program requires individuals covered under Medicaid who are suspected of prescription drug abuse to use a single physician prescriber and pharmacy. These efforts aim to reduce the likelihood that Idaho residents can obtain prescription medications from legal sources, but street sales of prescription drugs continue to skyrocket.

Importance of Supervised Drug Detox

Many people suffering from prescription drug addiction feel ashamed and isolated. They often believe that quitting “cold turkey” is the best approach to overcoming addiction. Although the “cold turkey” method works for some people, rates of relapse are considerably higher among those who attempt to quit prescription drugs without medical or psychological help. Entering a drug detox center results in significantly better outcomes for prescription drug users. The medical attention allows you to deal with unpleasant withdrawal symptoms while treatment professionals provide additional assistance with your ability to overcome cravings.

Idaho Drug Detox Centers

Raise the Bottom Training and Counseling Center, Boise

At Raise the Bottom Training and Counseling Center, individuals suffering from prescription drug abuse receive empirically validated treatments that maximize the likelihood of sustaining a healthy recovery. The facility offers inpatient partial hospitalization (also known as day treatment) to help prescription drug users get through the challenging early phases of withdrawal. Furthermore, the center provides specialized services for pregnant or postpartum women to ensure that they and their babies remain safe.

Personal Development: An Affinity Inc. Company, Nampa

Personal Development emphasizes the importance of each individual understanding the origin of his or her prescription drug problem and taking proactive steps to maintain a healthy lifestyle and recovery. The center provides hospital inpatient treatment that allows you to receive medical supervision during the detox process. Furthermore, Personal Development has mental health professionals who specialize in treating dual diagnosis, in which a person has another mental health problem such as depression or anxiety. The facility’s emphasis on inclusion means that they provide specialized services for gay and lesbian individuals.

Rehab Center Contact usRecognizing your prescription drug problem is the first step toward a healthy recovery. To find the drug detox center that’s best for you, contact us today for a consultation and professional advice.

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