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85 Georgia Drug Detox Centers

Georgia Drug Detox CentersGeorgia’s rate of deadly overdose from prescription drugs has tripled since 1999, with approximately 10.7 per 100,000 residents dying each year. Only nine other states have experienced such rapid growth of prescription drug overdose, putting Georgia on the front lines of this problem. Although Georgia residents abuse a wide array of prescription medications, problems controlling use of painkillers such as morphine, codeine, or oxycodone are most common. Many benzo’s require a detox as well like Xanax and Valium.

Georgia Efforts to Curb Prescription Drug Abuse

To prevent more people from becoming addicted to prescription medications, Georgia has implemented a doctor shopping law. This law prevents residents from visiting multiple doctors to get multiple prescriptions. Furthermore, Georgia residents must provide a state-issued ID before receiving controlled substances at a pharmacy. Although these laws fail to address the growing availability of prescription drugs on the street, they aim to reduce the likelihood of individuals abusing prescription medications.

Importance of Undergoing Drug Detox

Most individuals dealing with prescription drug abuse are most scared of the unpleasant withdrawal symptoms that come in the first few days or weeks of treatment. The difficulty of coping with withdrawal is one of the primary reasons that drug users relapse. However, entering a drug detox center significantly increases the likelihood of a successful recovery.

Some drug detox centers are stand-alone facilities designed to help patients through the initial, most difficult phase of recovery. Others are joined with comprehensive treatment centers offering an array of drug treatment options. Choosing a drug detox center with medical professionals as well as expert counselors provides the optimum mixture of supportive medication and psychotherapy.

Drug Detox Centers In Georgia

Grady Health System Drug Dependency Unit, Atlanta

The Grady Health System Drug Dependency Unit in Atlanta offers several treatment options for prescription drug abuse. In particular, the center provides outpatient treatment, day treatment facilities, and inpatient treatment in a hospital setting. This allows you to determine what level of medical attention and psychotherapeutic support you need during your treatment process.

River Edge Recovery Center, Macon

Unlike some facilities, which only treat a certain type of client, River Edge Recovery Center in Macon employs experts with a range of specialization areas. River Edge is a great facility for teens struggling with prescription drug abuse as well as older adults who are often affected by prescription painkillers. With a residential treatment facility, River Edge offers high-quality patient care with around-the-clock medical supervision for those who need it most.

Recovery Place, Inc. Women’s Residential Treatment, Savannah

Women often face an enormous burden when dealing with prescription drug abuse. Recovery Place is staffed by treatment professionals with decades of experience helping women with their unique issues. The facility offers residential beds for clients’ children, providing much-needed child care for women without other options. Recovery Place also offers aftercare support to ensure women sustain a successful recovery after leaving treatment.

 To maximize success, it's essential to find a drug detox center that fits your unique needs. Undergoing detox is the most important step in the road to recovery. To maximize success, it’s essential to find a drug detox center that fits your unique needs. Contact us today for help finding the best rehab center for you.

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