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Court Ordered Rehab Centers Play a Key Role in Working With Addicts in the Judicial System

When judges find lawbreakers in their courtrooms who are also dealing with a drug addiction, they have the option of ordering the arrested individual to undergo a court ordered drug rehabilitation. Assuming that an offender working through his or her addiction under the supervision of the courts may prevent another cycle of criminal activity, the option was created more than two decades ago and has been available to judges since.
Users are often not in control of their own behavior when under the influence, leading directly to illegal activity such as driving under the influence. Criminal behavior escalates when an addict turns to stealing money or pawning stolen items to fund the gripping addiction.

For those people who have committed minor crimes, tackling the drug dependency problem is the first step towards avoiding more serious future offenses. If your loved one has been arrested for a drug possession charge or DUI it is important to get them into treatment immediately after posting bail. This can make a significant difference if they complete treatment before sentencing.

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Working Through Addiction in Drug Rehabilitation Centers Offers a Greater Chance at Recovery

By visiting a court ordered addiction treatment center, the criminal will receive the best possible type of help to overcome the addiction. The professionals who create the rehabilitation plan have plenty of experience in helping people overcome addictions to a wide variety of substances.

Having seen a variety of addictions and patients, rehab center professionals will have the experience required to personalize a plan for recovery. With a tailored plan in place, the patient’s likelihood of success will improve, allowing that person to complete his or her court orders.

Achieving a Successful Recovery Can Help Addicts Avoid Prison Time

For those who end up in the criminal justice system because of a drug addiction, following a plan with specific goals can offer the best chance at success. Perhaps the addict/criminal doesn’t have the personal motivation to overcome an addiction alone. A court order from a judge that forces the offender into drug rehab instead of jail,may be the stimulus needed .

With prison populations continuing to expand, judges need to show some creativity in figuring out ways to maintain public safety while keeping prison populations at a manageable level. By ordering rehabilitation, judges have the option of keeping someone who may not be a dangerous criminal out of the prison population. The money spent on helping the addict overcome his or her drug problem can be far less than the cost of a prison term, saving taxpayers money in the long run. Sometimes the attorney representing the offender can make a request to the judge for court ordered  drug rehab.

If you are considering this path, contact us for free information on how to move forward.

If you are considering court ordered rehab contact us for free information on how to move forward

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