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60 Day Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers

60 Day Alcohol And  Drug Rehab CentersLooking for a drug rehab program can be a stressful and complicated situation that can compound an already challenging drug or alcohol problem. While there are many options to choose from, many will consider 60 day rehabs as a viable alternative for recovery. Since they are longer than a traditional 28-30 day treatment, they have a higher rate of success for those completing. In addition, many who have time constraints can enroll in treatment for 60 days before returning to work, school, or other responsibilities.

60 day rehabs can numerously range in the type of assistance and therapy they provide. Before choosing a facility, make sure to study the modality, daily schedule, curriculum, and the outcome of treatment for those that complete it to make sure that the program will help you get the results you are looking for.

Treatment Method Used In 60 Day Rehab

Because there are so many different types of 60 day rehab programs available, the methods of treatment can vary greatly. Some of the types of treatment used in a 60 day rehab include:

  • Detox Therapy – This can be an initial medical detoxification to alleviate the uncomfortable and painful withdrawal symptoms from drugs using a drug ‘step down’ method. Some programs will opt for ‘natural detox’ where they utilize vitamin therapy, the use of saunas, and exercise to rid the body of drugs.
  • One on One Counseling– In a 60 day program, counseling sessions may be more frequent at the beginning, and some programs may mix in group therapy and independent education as time goes on. However, many types of programs that use this approach have specific protocols for counseling sessions for each patient based on their individual needs and issues.
  • Behavioral Therapy – This type of therapy studies the behaviors that addicts have learned in the environment and seeks to change negative behaviors into positive ones. It focuses on the idea that addicts have learned from the environment. There are a series of ‘conditioning’ exercises used to attempt to change these behaviors.
  • 12 Step Recovery Workshops – With most traditional 60 days rehabs the main focus is teaching clients about the 12 steps and helping them to work through these steps to resolve issues related to their substance abuse.
  • Group Therapy & Meetings – Many 60 day programs utilize group therapy and meetings on a daily basis. The benefit of this is that the patient will often realize that they are not alone in their problem. Other benefits of group therapy and meetings are learning news skills on how to relate and get along with others, building lasting relationships based on sobriety, and teaching a united message of improving each others lives and your own.
  • Holistic Care – Since holistic treatment is relatively new, there are many different types of modalities. Some include equestrian therapy, art therapy, yoga, acupuncture, biophysical or educational treatment curriculums.

60 Day Treatment Recovery Phases

Often with a 60 day program there will be ‘phases of recovery.’ As the client spends more and more time in treatment, he or she may start to be able to move to the next phase of his or her recovery process. Often with these phases come the learning of new skills and patients can be granted new freedoms while in treatment.

Contact Us To Find 60 Day Alcohol And  Drug Rehab CentersAnyone can enroll in a 60 day program, but some opt for shorter term care. According to the Principles of Effective Treatment published by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, no single treatment approach is for everyone. It has been found that the longer one stays in treatment, the better the results he will have at lasting sobriety. As stated, it is important to assess your own needs or the needs of your friend or loved one as to what length of program will achieve the best results for him or her before choosing a 60 day rehab program or any other type of assistance.

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