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28-30 Day Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers

28-30 Day Rehab Centers

What is a 28-30 Day Rehab?

What is a 28 or 30 day rehab and why is it effective for many people struggling with addiction?

A 28-30 drug rehab program is a residential facility that provides individual intensive treatment. While there are thousands of different options for individuals abusing alcohol and drugs, many opt for 30 days of treatment and recover successfully.

There are many types of one-month programs available. The majority of 28 or 30-day rehab centers are 12 step programs that use cognitive behavioral therapy, detox, and meetings. However, over the last decade, many new types of 30-day addiction treatments have been developed. Some of these are non-religious programs that focus on one-on-one counseling, holistic therapy like acupuncture or yoga, and a treatment philosophy aimed at changing the lifestyle of the user and aiding in long term recovery through education.

Most one-month drug and alcohol treatment programs offer aftercare or sober living once the rehab is complete.

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History of the 30-Day Rehab

An article in the LA Times from November 2010 was one of the first that reported on how 30-day programs came to be. Set up in the 1970’s, 30-day treatment was installed as the first program in the U.S. Air Force for enlistees struggling with addiction. This model has continued to be used over the last 40 years. Other public and private providers ‘followed suit’ and this length of stay has became the most popular in the country.

Shorter-term treatment like 28 or 30 days can be beneficial as long as the therapy is intensive, individualized, and effective.

The Benefits of 30-Day Treatment

Many addicted individuals find success in a 30-day program. The benefits and reasons a person would choose a 28 or 30-day rehab center are listed bellow:

  • Anyone who has pressing time constraints. This can include single family parents who have to attend to the need of minor children or those who have work constraints that will not allow them to miss more than “x” amount of days.
  • Business owners that must attend to important financial matters that are time sensitive to their income and cannot be handled or worked on during the rehab process. This would also include business owners who have mandatory travel demands and can only set aside a specific time to resolve abuse issues.
  • Light users (someone who does not have a severe or long-term drug problem).
    Teenagers who do not have a history of heavy use and may have time constraints due to schooling or educational requirements.
  • First time admissions (those that are entering a rehab for the very first time).
  • Any individual who feels that they would benefit the most from 30 days of treatment versus other options.

The most important part of finding the right rehab program is to assess the specific needs of the individual. Contacting a treatment specialist and asking questions about different modalities and length of stay is the first step in finding the right treatment. Our team of rehab counselors can assist you in finding the best program available.

Our team of rehab counselors can assist you in finding the best program available.

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